SPIEGEL archive freely accessible

As announced recently Europes biggest magazine DER SPIEGEL (trans. = "The mirror" - not to confuse with "The Mirror" in UK!) made today articles of SPIEGEL (including sub-magazines and their lexicon) and Manager Magazin at wissen.spiegel.de online available for the public. The material is still copyrighted but it is a huge knowledge dump as the archive contains articles since 1947. The keyword search results not only in a list of articles from SPIEGEL and/or Manager Magazin but also includes entries of the German Wikipedia. There are also dossiers like "Die Sprache des Lebens" (= "the language of life) that combine some articles about selected topics. You can get an overview about the content at the statistics page.


Martin R. Krause hat gesagt…

Nice decision of Spiegel. As Spiegel Online is by far the biggest German online newspaper resource it is most likely that other publishing companies will follow (e.g. Die Zeit's archive is already for free, FAZ is thinking about it).
On the other hand this means that the online resources of newspapers and magazine will become much more marketing portals as they already are. We may welcome a free archive but who would expect to get his paper for free?
Successful online marketing tool definitely include geo marketing, user specific ads, etc. All the nice thinks, that this blog is so sceptic about. But this is the price for free content.
Some people say information are for free in the net. Information are never for free!

Konrad Förstner hat gesagt…

Thanks, Martin. Regarding free (free as in free beer AND as freedom(*)) information in the net: Ever heard of Wikipedia. ;)

Well, Spiegel still makes the newest issue only accessible to paying customers which is a good business concept.

User specific ads are fine in my opinion as long as privacy is respected.

(*) Although the question if the GFDL makes it really free remains (please start the flame war now. ;))