Wikia and GoPubMed - New kids on the search engine block

Wikia search, the search engine of Jimmy Wales' company Wikia, is now online as an alpha version. Everything is very basic so far - no much functionality, content or eye-candy. It relies on user contributions and is supposed to be open and transparent.

Life scientists have a (new) tool to search for literature: GoPubMed. Many others have already reported about and I just found it via this posting (sometime I am quite resistant :)). The press release tells us:
This, the first semantic search engine, reduces search time by up to 90%. By sorting search results it enables scientists to answer biomedical questions in completely new way.

I played around a little bit and think it is really functional and fancy. Funnily "shot gun sequencing" in one of my papers leads to the key word "Firearms". Recently Folksonomy 4 Science was included which "allows users to identify experts in the biomedical field and gain important information on recent research topics by viewing their networks."

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