24C3 - report part 5 - resistence 23, GTD, MI5, rule 34, barcode hacking, and chicks for geeks

Ah, so much to do here. So just some of the highlights.

Yesterday Markus Beckedahl (netzpolitik.org!) gave some (23?) hints of how to fight for your rights starting from lobbying, creating and influencing media, coding etc.

FX of Phenoelit showed cool barcode hacks. Wanna have an upgrade of you flight ticket? Give it a go ...

Another highlight yesterday was definitely the rule 34 content. For good reason this was not recorded. It was great fun!

The morning today started with a presentation by Annie Machon. She was working for the British intelligence service MI5 but became a whistleblower and had to escape from England. She showed the dark (and unfortunately growing side) side of the spy world.

In a workshop Machtelt tough some single geeks how to get a girl by following some simple advices.

Stephan Schmieder introduced the audience of room 3 to the productivity system Getting Things Done. I am using it since some years and share his experiences. The recommended the program ThinkingRock for implementing it. It looks quite bloated to me and I am very happy with jpilot (which I also can use to sync to my smartphone), but I will give it good.

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