24C3 - report part 2 - DNA hacking and web security ooopses

I just listen to two cool talks (actually sitting in a sofa down in the Hackcenter watching the live stream :)):

At first: Drew Endy (MIT - Department of Biological Engineering) introduced the audience to molecular, computational and synthetic biology and showed the connection to Making. He mentioned the possible security issues that come up with decreasing prices of DNA synthesising and the availability of sequences of harmful organisms. The talk ended with the question if there will be soon the "Biological Hacker". I have a stream dump of the talks if anybody is interested.

Second: Dan Kaminsky gave one of his legendary talks ... hilarious! He added more examples to the collection of web security oopses by describing how to exploit really bad design bugs. Starting form DNS rebinding, to an IFrame-Flash-hack to "IP via SPAM" (some live demos included). I am sure I didn't get everything completely but it was great fun!

Dan Kaminsky in action:


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