Miro - open internet tv

I use the upcoming release of version 1.0 of the Miro Media player (previously know as Democracy Player) as an occasion to report about this cool project. There are many video platforms in the web but most of them are silos based on proprietary formats. The Participatory Culture Foundation wants to solve that:
Miro is designed to eliminate gatekeepers. Viewers can connect to any video provider that they want. This frees creators to use the video hosting setup that works best for them - whether they choose to self-publish or use a service. It's the kind of openness that the internet allows and that we should all demand. [...]

Our goal isn't to dominate online video - our goal is to push the industry towards openness.

The project is based on three principles of openness: Open Access (not the meaning of scientific publishing), Open Standards and Open Source.
The Miro Guide contains already a lot of interesting channels!

In short: Rocks!

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