CCCamp 2007 - 4 - OpenMoko

I mentioned OpenMoko, the project to create a phone with open hardware(*) and software, already before. Here on the camp I had the chance to talk to developers and hold a Neo1973 (the first developer model using OpenMoko) in my hand. It is even cooler in reality than it looks
on the pictures. The screen is bigger than I thought and has an excellent resolution (640×480). The device is pretty solid. Booting takes still quite a while as the developers focus at stability at the moment and have not had the time for speed optimization so far. But once it is booted it runs very smoothly.

The next model will be for consumers and should be on the market end of the year. Really looking forward to this. An interesting feature will also be the two 3D accelerometers. You can find more details about all this on the project website and the commercial website.

(*) Unfortunately the GSM part will not be open in the near future.

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