Metagenomics 2007 conference report - part 2

EN: As Jonathan has written already a nice overview of the Metagenomics 2007 conference (while I was spending my time exploring San Diego ... call me a slacker) and as the videos will be online soon, I will only post my take-home-messages:

  • The recording and use of additional meta-information might be a key-factor for a better understanding of the sequence data. Fortunately more of this data is collected now.
  • For me the gut metagenome analyzes are pretty promising projects. Masahira Hattori and Janet Jansson presented very interesting studies.
  • A lot of tools that are developed for "classical" genomics cannot simply be applied in metagenomics. This has also to be explained to funding sources.
  • Platforms like Camera, img/m and Megx are under heavy development at the moment to fulfill the needs of the community.
Any other highlights? Your opinion?


Jonathan Eisen hat gesagt…

If you had invited me to explore San Diego, maybe I too could have been a slacker ;-)

As for other things to comment on --- I think people still underestimate the complexity of analyzing metagenomic data and personally found some of the talks to be disappointing in this area. A community is more than a bag of genes and we need to stop treating them as such and start to figure out how to better bin by organisms and/or normalize between communities.

Konrad Förstner hat gesagt…

Well, good that at least somebody did the reporter job properly. ;)

Yes, binning is really an essential, low level step that has to be solved properly before the real biology starts. I liked your proposal on the conference to set up a competition to push the development of necessary software. More reference genomes could be the other/parallel way to go. Single-cell sequencing might help here.

Y. Winogradsky hat gesagt…

The EU-funded project MetaHIT (Metagenomics of the Human Intestinal Tract) has an official website available at: www.metahit.eu