Wiki paper - an experiment

EN: Kevin Kelly proposed in the article Speculation of the Future of Science wikis as a tool for collaboratively creating scientific articles that will constantly grow. Maybe this is a further step into that direction: As Jean-Claude Bradley announced on Useful Chemistry, he has started an experiment in which he uses an open wiki to write a publication on the Uki reaction. He hopes the way of writing will not hamper the acceptance of the final paper by a publisher.

After my presentation at the Allen Press Emerging Trends in Scholarly Publishing Seminar a seminar participant who is working for a publishing company told me what he sees in wikis: For him not the the collaboration is in the focus, but the version control system. In his company a paper was accepted once but after some month the authors wanted to change/add a little part, which was not possible.

Today these little but interesting pieces that are not worth an own publication might be lost. The usage of wikis for publications could save them. When citing such wiki articles the version is an essential part of the citation.

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Jean-Claude Bradley hat gesagt…

Indeed the ability to point to a specific version of a wiki page is a fantastic tool to prove who knew what when. Also, using a third-party hosted wiki service like Wikispaces gives a much better validation of the time-stamp than running one's own.