Nature open peer review flop - PLoS ONE launched

EN: Nature published an analysis of their open peer review trial. A quite disappointing result that reminds me on a comment (Nature subscription needed) [1] from Gred Tyrelle:

I find it ironic that science is about the adoption, discovery and exploitation of new knowledge and techniques, yet the biggest revolution on the web is passing us by.

Let's hope the freshly launched PLoS ONE will show that scientist are able to adapt to new ways of communication.

[1] Nature, 2005, 438, 548-549


Anonym hat gesagt…

Uh, just yesterday we had a lab visit by a nature publisher. He gave a talk about how to publish in nature and what better not to do. He showed us a mother's letter who protested against the repulse of her son's article... unfortunately it didn't help.:-) But he also recommended us to contact the publisher before submitting the paper and to ask for the chances for one's paper.

Konrad Förstner hat gesagt…

:) Sweet mother.