Google and Privacy

EN: A posting at freds house expresses exactly my concerns about Google but also offers a solution. The problem is that Google just has too many superior services (the search engines, Google Maps, Google Reader, Goggle Mail etc.). Sounds great as you need only one account for using always the best service on the market but what about privacy. The accumulation of personal data is a tempting source for dada mining. The solution would be a service named "Google Data Privacy (GDP)" by the author of the posting and would do the following:

GDP would allow me to review all of the information that Google retains on me across all services, from all devices, and from all sources. GDP would allow me to determine the maximum data retention period for each of my services. GDP would allow me to selectively opt out of cross-service data mining & correlation, even if it reduced the quality of the services I receive. GDP would allow me to correct any inaccurate data in my profile. And GDP would log and alert me when my data was queried by other services.
Great idea! Let's assume Google is not evil and would stick to this setting you do. I would feel much better. The option that everybody could download the collected data about him/her would be also nice feature for the hobby data miner. So, Google-guys when will we see GDP in Google Labs?

[Via lifehacker]