Wikipedia fork announced

EN: Larry Sanger announce on the Wizard of the OS 4 in the "Quality Management in Free Content"* (ogg-audio, mp4-video) session a fork of Wikipedia named Citizendium. It will be much more expert based and limited regarding participation:

Where Wikipedia shares the culture of anonymity found in the broader internet, Citizendium will have a culture of real world personal responsibility.

The fork will be based in the beginning of the English Wikipedia project only and will use the same software and licence as Wikipedia. It might be already implemented until end of September 2006.

[via Rough Type]

* The talk of Ulrich Pöschl the editor of Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics journal, known for its very open reviewing process, is a nice introduction to this new ways of publishing in science.

Update: Clay Shirky posted an entry with his doupts of this expertise based concept and Larry Sanger fought back.

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